Congregational Vote, August 28th

    We will be voting on the future of our congregation August 28th after service. The vote will consist of the option to remain an independent fellowship (A 'No' vote) or join with Piedmont UU and become a gathering of their congregation (A 'Yes' vote). The board has put out extensive information on this subject, but there will be a meeting before the official vote to go over our options once more. 

   If you are not able to come to the meeting to vote on this very important issue, please email Nicole Gantz  ( to vote in absentia. You can simply vote Yes (become a gathering of Piedmont) or No (remain independent.) Please send your electronic votes to Nicole by Saturday August 27th, before 6 PM.

PLease review the Into Our Future document that recaps the events of this year before voting. You can find that in the document here.