SOUPer Bowl Lunch at LN Gathering

Join us at the Lake Norman Gathering for a SOUPer Bowl Cook-Off lunch after the services on Sunday, February 5. For an adult donation of $4 and child $2 (with money going to UU Guest at Your Table) you get 4/2 bowls to sample soups, chili or stews and then vote for your favorite. While you eat your dessert, we will count votes and crown the 2017 SOUPer Chef. 

I need cooks to contact me ( or 704 836 6043) by Sunday 29 to bring one: crock pot of soup/chili/stew; plate of bread or crackers; desserts; or liter drinks. We'll have our usual coffee and lemonade and I'll bring the bowls, spoons, extension cords, etc. Bring your crock pot by 10:50 and we'll heat it during the service.