Adult RE-Course: Being Fully Human

Adult RE Course--Being Fully Human Workshop
April 23rd at the University Gathering, after the service
Becoming Fully Human, or living adequately with your imminent death. I will review main ideas from five writers in philosophy, psychology and religion to provide the framework for a discussion about death. Un-surprisingly, developing good character and wisdom is a great defense against fear - so how do we get character and wisdom? There will not be time for a "full discussion" of such a topic, but each participant can leave the room having shared personal thoughts and gathered ideas for further reading, meditation and discussion. I will provide a handout with a talk outline and a list of sources for the information.

Course leader Rich is retired in Charlotte after 40 years in education and training for government employees and supervisors. He has written curriculum, been a performance coach and classroom instructor, and administered large training programs. He's also given public service courses in parenting, values and personal growth, as well as ledSunday School studies in theology and religious beliefs. Rich holds a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Counseling and Human Development, and a Practitioner's Certificate from a national Social Psychology association. Website Home