UU Womenspirit Spring Event

Registration is now open for UU Womenspirit’s Spring 2017 event Ancient Whispers: A Pilgrimage to Women’s Mysteries May 17-21, 2017. Once upon a time, long ago, women were cherished and revered as symbols of the Mother Goddess, the source of all life. For thousands of years people lived in peace, creating civilizations that honored harmony and community. This theme goes back to the very roots of our organization and why women came together 30 years ago to learn, worship and commune. We will be revisiting those beginnings, having a reunion with old and new friends, refreshing our traditions and spirits and CELEBRATING!
To register: http://uuwomenspirit.org/events/spring-event/ Registration deadline: May 12. For more info contact Alice Carnes at alice.carnes51@yahoo.com or 704-453-4175.