Pride Parade Thanks

Thanks everyone for making our 2017 Pride Parade entry one of the best ever! To all our walkers and float riders - you're the greatest and I hope everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you to the Pride Parade committee for tirelessly working to plan and organize our entry and to get all our signs, decorations, and give-aways together - they are: Al Allen, Deb Davelka, Veronique Singerman, and Pat Wall. Thanks also to Jim Price for his truck and to Karl Hesse for his trailer. Thanks to Erik Dutton, Sarah Dutton, and Judy Poler for creatively decorating the float. We have Pam Whistler and Jeff Jennings to thank for the water. Thanks to all the monitors for keeping the float and parade attendees safe: Grace Bouchoucha and her daughter, Jennifer Bower, Deb Davelka, Erik Dutton, Karl Hesse, Ron King, Doug Moore, Meredith Norman, and all the people from Appalachian State. Big thanks to Sarah Dutton and friends for proudly carrying our church banner. And thank you to those I missed.

Lynne Godfrey, Pride Parade Committee Lead